How to See Friend Activity on Spotify

Spotify is a popular music social network where you can enjoy your own music world. It’s a social network, so the interaction with friends, as well as other users, is indispensable. A feature in Spotify that allows users to see the other activity to know each other music tastes. Let’s take a look on how to see friend activity on Spotify.

How to See Friend Activity on Spotify
Spotify- popular music social network

What is Spotify?

Offered by Spotify Ltd, Spotify attracts more than 500 million downloads on Google Play and App Store. Spotify provides you with millions of songs for free. Listen to the songs and podcasts you love and search pop music from all over the world. Some function of Spotify:

  • Discover new music, albums, and podcasts
  • Search for your favorite song, artist, or podcast
  • Enjoy playlists made just for you
  • Make and share your own playlists
  • Listen on your mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV, and speakers whenever you are 

With Spotify, you can access a world of free music, curated playlists, artists, and podcasts. Discover new music, podcasts and listen to your favorite artists, albums, or create your own playlist with the latest songs that suit your mood.

Besides, Spotify has Premium features for your choice:

  • Listen to an album, playlist, or podcast without ads breaks.
  • Download and play music for offline listening.
  • Enjoy amazingly high-quality soundtracks.

How to check friend activity on Spotify PC

Friend Activity feature shows the listening activities of any your friends or public profiles that you follow: 

How to See Friend Activity on Spotify
How to check friend activity on Spotify PC

To show/hide Friend Activity feature:

  • Click the down arrow in the top-right corner and select Settings.
  • Under Display Options, switch Show Friend Activity to turn on the feature.

How to check friend activity on Spotify Mobile

Follow those steps to see Spotify friend activities on the mobile app: 

  • Open Spotify and log in to your account.
  • Tap on your avatar in the upper right corner of the Spotify app, then tap “Profile” from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on the “Following” tab to view all the accounts you are following. 
  • Choose the username or avatar of your friends or followers to view their published playlists and a shortlist of the artists he has been listening to recently.

Wrap up

That all about how to see friend activity on Spotify. Good luck!

How to Retrieve Blocked Text Messages—Android

Android phones can stop others from sending text messages or calling you after putting them in a blocklist on your phone. Several people like to set blocklists on Android phones to avoid being disturbed by undesired messages or calls. Still, some individuals find it difficult when they want to read a piece of blocked news from people that have been deleted on their Android phones. In that case, retrieving blocked text messages android is a solution. 

Is there any way to retrieve blocked messages on Android phones? 

Customarily, you can read a blocked message on Android phones after instating the block list.

  1. When you open the messaging application on Android.
  2. Select the Menu button and select the Spam message. All blocked messages will be displayed here.

    how to retrieve blocked text messages android
    How to Retrieve Blocked Text Messages Android

But, if you mistakenly deleted the blocked message in the block list, you have to rely on data recovery for Android when you did not back up your Android phone before deleting data. 

An open-note:

  1. When you delete a phone number in the Block-list of your Android phone, all the blocked text from this number will be deleted meanwhile. Therefore, It’d be better if you read the text messages before removing them from the contact number.
  2. Also, when you delete a phone number in the Block-list of your Android phone, it does not eliminate this number from the contact list on your Android phone.

Is It Permissible to Retrieve Blocked Messages on Android after Deleting?

There is no need to use any third-party applications if you want to retrieve blocked messages on Android phones before deleting them on the block list. 

However, you may necessitate to Use Recovery Software(of Android) if you have deleted all the blocked messages from the Android phone block list. The data restoration for Android enables you to Retrieve Blocked Messages on Android after Deleting whether you eliminate the blocked messages by exaggeration or obliterate the phone number from the block list of the mobile phone.

  1. First of all, if you want to retrieve photos&videos on your Android phone storage, you do not even require to download a program. For most utmost Android phones, there is a “Recently Deleted” file folder; when you deleted some photos and videos, you can retrieve it from there.
  2. For the contract list, SMS, chat history, you need to use a Data Recovery Program. They can assist you in recovering the data from phone storage quickly. Try  Stellar Data Recovery for free.

How Do I Handle Stellar Data Recovery?

Stellar Android Recovery Software has one of the abridged UI in the warehouse. Hither is the guidelines for users for SMS retrieval and also for files management:

Step 1: 

  • Download the accessible version of Stellar from their website, or even you can get their advanced version for a few bucks.

    how to retrieve blocked text messages android
    Download the accessible version of Stellar
  • Double click the Stellar symbol on your desktop and attach the phone of which data you want to retrieve.
how to retrieve blocked text messages android
Choose the language of your partiality and press OK

Step 2: Choose the language of your partiality and press OK.

how to retrieve blocked text messages android
Open Stellar

Step 3: Once the establishment is complete, open Stellar, and a welcome screen will inaugurate.

how to retrieve blocked text messages android
Attach your phone with the system, and Stellar will automatically recognize your phone. Select Next

Step 4: Attach your phone with the system, and Stellar will automatically recognize your phone. Select Next.

how to retrieve blocked text messages android
A request for rooting is stated. Proceed further with Start

Step 5: A request for rooting is stated. Proceed further with Start.

how to retrieve blocked text messages android
Stellar Android Data Recovery will begin Rooting the device

Step 6: Stellar Android Data Recovery will begin Rooting the device.

Step 7: Following the successful rooting, Stellar will scan the Android and start retrieving all the Deleted data.

how to retrieve blocked text messages android
Stellar Android Data Recovery

Step 8: Stellar Android Data Recovery will give you a presurvey of all your lost data in a catalog.

how to retrieve blocked text messages android
Choose the SMS files or even other Data

Step 9: Choose the SMS files or even other Data and determine the location to save the retrieved files and agree with the save option.


By utilizing the free Application, you can easily retrieve blocked messages on Android you access the Deleted Messages and can Read. But, retain, you can see the Blocked SMS easily by the method as mentioned above if you did not delete the messages. Forthwith as you have got the hang; Begin your quest. 

How to Reverse (Mirror) an Image in Android

Have you ever taken a notice that the image taken from the front camera with your mobile phone is Mirrored or Reversed?

If such is the case, then all the Selfies you made so far might have been saved as Mirror Images. A Mirror Image— if you observe the pictures exerted, then you would see that; the Right is the Left, and the Left is Right. For instance, if you had taken a selfie with Texts in the background, then the text would be flipped parallel, unlikely to be read. As the Image is flipped parallelly, it won’t look lifelike as the Background, too, will be flipped. Whatever is on the right appears to be on the left. 

That is eerie, isn’t it? However, simply by Mirror the Image on Android, or to put it in the correct way how you can Re-Mirror your Image, you can see the Images to your delight. 

How to Re-Mirror an Image—By modifying the Default option. 

If you have not previously modified any setting on the mobile phone, it could be that the mobile phone camera has a default “mirror image” setting set by the company. I do not see any benefit of enabling a mirror except that the display on the phone before taking the picture-it looks natural (not mirrored). But then, the Picture Saved is indicated. 

Should we attend more the screen while taking the picture using the front camera or the saved image? I would rather care about the stored image. It should look right. 

  • To Disable the mirroring of an Image, you have to check the camera app’s settings. 
  • Travel the settings of your mobile phone camera, and if the company allows it, there must be an Option from where you can Disable the mirror image of the front camera.

    how to mirror an image on android
    How to mirror an image on Android

There is an Option to Disable the mirroring of its front camera.

  1. First, open your phone camera> press the menu button to access the settings
  2. In settings, look for an option to disable the mirror image. Presumably, it will be available on other devices too. 

On Redmi 2, unlike the primary camera, we cannot access the Front camera setting by sliding from Left to Right. So, to disable the mirroring of an image for the front camera (with selfies in mind) do the following:

  1. Open the camera on the phone. 
  2. Choose the Front Camera
  3. Press the menu of the phone. 
  4. Under the Settings page open > under “mirror front camera” > set it to “off“.

    How to mirror an image on Android
    How to mirror an image on Android
  1. And you would see that we have been given two options.

    How to mirror an image on Android
    How to mirror an image on Android
  1. When the face is detected:
  • On
  • Off—to Set it to off to disable the mirroring of images when you take pictures from the front camera
  1. Exit settings. 
  2. Take a test photo from the front camera.

When you Disable the mirroring of an image, the display on the screen may now look flipped. But that has not to be bothered about, and the Picture saved will not be Mirrored, though. Take some probing Selfies and check the pictures in your phone’s gallery. 


This approach to Mirror the Image operates on most of the Android, which is working and exclusive in the market. However, if you need to reverse the image that is previously captured or your phone does not allow this function, you can use the third-party apps available on the Google Playstore. Enjoy Capturing Yourself. 

How much Data can a CD Hold

Technology lovers may recognize the substantial weight in the 1990s when compact discs, aka CD’s, commenced replacing the floppy disk as the favored means for carrying data from one computer to another. Though more significant in size, they could amass significantly more information. There is a comprehensive assortment of alternatives available today for storing data. Of a single USB pen drive to visible hard drives, cloud storage, and optical media like the discussed CDs and the DVDs. When you’re acknowledging particular storage requirements, it benefits from knowing how much data can CD Hold, and the balance of them is a story for another day.

How much Data can a CD Hold
How much Data can a CD Hold

How much is a CD’s Capacity

CD—occupies for Compact Disc, and corresponded to storage methods that came ere it like the funky floppy discs, the beloved vinyl records (for music notably), and cassette tapes, it endeavored a large-scale spectrum of influences. As commendable as not obliged to be rewound after it had ended playing (like cassette tapes) and making it more manageable to skip to the next record on a music CD (extending an advantage superior to vinyl records). The advancement in storage space was an immense compensation. The ordinary CD capacity is 700 MB.

How much Data can a CD Hold
How much Data can a CD Hold
  • The storage, as mentioned earlier, might not indicate too generous to you in expressions of Megabytes, so you can conceive of it in quarters of the quantity of Audio and Video you can save on the Compact Disc.
  • For CD-quality sound, a CD can store about 80 minutes of Audio, whereas, concerning Videos, you can capture approximately 60 minutes of material on the disc
  • The size of the picture depends significantly on the resolution and physical size of the image, but generally expressing, a mediocre view can be estimated anywhere from 4 to 24 MB. At 10 MB per picture (approximately the size of a 15-Megapixel high-quality JPEG image), you can put 70 photos on a single CD capacity wherein.

    How much Data can a CD Hold
    How much Data can a CD Hold

There’s Always More—Types of CDs

  • The sorts of CDs are available today, they strictly follow the norms of DVDs, with a CD-ROM standing for Compact Disc-Read Only Media— being the most straightforward format.

    How much Data can a CD Hold
    How much Data can a CD Hold
  • The CD-R form can be written onto only once, but these Discs are compatible with moderately much any CD player or CD drive you’ll find now. Technically, these Discs should have a smaller capacity of 650 MB, but most modern discs have a conventional CD capacity of 700 MB.

    How much Data can a CD Hold
    How much Data can a CD Hold
  • CD-RW (ReWritable) Discs can be written over and rewritten onto up to thousands of times, remarkably like the DVD-RW discs. While most utmost CD writing drives will burn over CD-R discs at the maximum speed attainable for the drive, CD-RW Discs have more stringent limits on writing speed, so the drives base their rate on the inclinations of the disc. Regular CD-RW Discs can be written onto at up to 4X speed, while swift variants bear up to 12X speed, ultra-speed options support up to 24X speeds, and ultra-speed-plus Discs recommend burning at up to 32X speeds.
    How much Data can a CD Hold
    How much Data can a CD Hold

    How much Data can a CD Hold
    How much Data can a CD Hold

Everything considered

An interesting about CDs is that you can play CDs on a DVD player, but you can’t play DVDs on a CD player. Well, coming back to the subject; now that you know how much data can CD hold, plan your warehouse of data sensibly. 

How Samsung Health Measure Stress

The technology is of doubts, and why shouldn’t it? It continually evolves with something unbelievable, from de-railing the locomotives to allowing ourselves to wander across the world in clicks, and it has achieved everything that past generations could imagine. The world’s leading manufacturer Samsung is no different when it introduced the doctors in ourselves. Smartphones now calculate stress, or can they? Let’s see—How stress is measured in Samsung devices.

How Samsung Health Measure Stress
How Samsung Health Measure Stress

How stress is measured in Samsung Health 

Let’s go through some pre-requisites first; SpO2— stands for peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, an assessment of the measure of oxygen in the blood. 

Withings Pulse – What does SpO2 mean? What is the normal SpO2 level?

More concretely, it is the portion of oxygenated hemoglobin (hemoglobin containing oxygen) correlated to the total amount of hemoglobin in the blood (oxygenated and non-oxygenated hemoglobin).

SpO2 is a measure of arterial oxygen saturation, or SaO2, which refers to the quantity of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood.

How Samsung Health Measure Stress
How Samsung Health Measure Stress

(I am not a medical apprentice), just come to the point—so you want me to be straightforward:

SpO2 can be estimated as measures of stress by Pulseimetry, an obscure, non-invasive method. 

You can effortlessly scale your SpO2 with the Withings Pulse. Green LED pulses swiftly, and then light-sensitive diodes recognize how much green light was consumed. When blood is present due to heartbeat, the more profound green light is absorbed. Within beats, less is absorbed.

Heart Beat

As your heart taps blood, the flow within your arteries increments—the pulses. For example, let’s say you have a 100kg of blood, and it can absorb 100 candelas of light(very much hypothetical). When you shine 50 candelas of light, it absorbs all, and when you make the count to 150 candelas, it will absorb up to 100. The rest passes through—the sensor adapts this principle and determines the amount(the intensity) of light coming back and tells you the changes in blood flow. 

These alterations in blood flow form top like patterns if you plot them on a graph.

So, the code calculates the number of peaks per minute and informs you of the Heart Rate.

How to measure stress in Samsung

  1. First things first, you’ll necessitate to add the Stress tracker to Samsung Health if it’s not previously showing on the Home tab.

    How Samsung Health Measure Stress
    How Samsung Health Measure Stress
  1. Once that’s all set up, open Samsung Health and then swipe to the Stress tracker. While you’re ready, tap Measure on the stress tracker. Click to the information, and then tap Measure again. If needed, tap Allow granting the different positions.

    How Samsung Health Measure Stress
    How Samsung Health Measure Stress
  1. Succeeding, put your finger on your Samsung’s heart rate sensor. Don’t thrust too hard, and perform sure that you stay quiet and still. The heart rate (the heart icon), oxygen saturation (the water droplet icon), and stress level will all be measured.

    How Samsung Health Measure Stress
    How Samsung Health Measure Stress
  2. Eventually, your status will be presented. You can inscribe notes, select your prevailing situation, and then tap Save to register the current amounts. You can see your varied stress levels by tapping Trends.

    How Samsung Health Measure Stress
    How Samsung Health Measure Stress

So what is the case of heart rate variability—the indication of stress?

  • Most people don’t realize that even when a heart seems to be regularly beating, it is affected by other factors, principally our breathing. The interval between beats shortens as we breathe in (gets faster) and lengthens as we breathe out (gets slower). 
  • By mapping the frequency at which the heartbeat varies and systematizing some calculations on that data, a distinction can be taken that is stated, amongst other things, to levels of stress.

In conclusion

No application can really calculate the stress levels in your body— well, at least accurately. It is highly subjective and depends on several factors such as— Primary feelings, Mood, affects, effects, circulating hormone levels, mindset, drugs, etc. So, preferably, how stress is measured in Samsung does, is collect the baseline oxygen levels and pulse rates of your body over weeks, months, on and on. 

How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify

Did you ever have that moment? When you hark to other people’s musicology? You think ‘Holy sh*t—this is so much better than my tunes.’ Then You want to get their Spotify Playlist to see the whole picture of the trailer that has been exposed to you. But you don’t know how to get the hang of their playlist and want to learn how to copy Spotify playlist.

How To Copy A playlist in Spotify
How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify

Besides, the game of restraint should not compete with music, and you can always propel each other to varying musical styles and bond around their brand of music. Here’s a simplistic way to do so i.e., Copy Spotify Playlist to step in the pleasable melodies, sting your ears with hard-core raps, see what engages with your emotional world

To Copy Spotify Playlist

  1. Open the Spotify on your computer and then click on the Spotify playlist you want to copy. You will now see a list of records that you require to choose or highlight.
  2. Rather than clicking on each track, you can tick on one track to highlight it. Match on the date added, so you don’t unintentionally go to the track or album. You have to be on the Playlist to make a copy of it.
  3. After you have done with your favorite Track select and press Command + A on Mac—(or)— Control + A on Windows to select all records, the whole of the tracks will now be highlighted.

    How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify
    How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify
  1. Right-click on a track on Windows—(or)— opt the Two-Finger Click on a Mac. Relocate your mouse over— Add to and then choose a playlist name or create a new playlist.

    How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify
    How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify
  1. That all has to be done to copy Spotify playlist. This will create a Copy on your Account that will not warp. You can also Rename the playlist, Edit the playlist, and it works just like a playlist that you have created.

To Create a collaborative Spotify Playlist 

  1. Open Spotify. You can find it on your Start menu on Windows or in your Applications folder on Mac.

  2. Choose the playlist you want to distribute on the left menu. The left sidebar pitches all your saved playlists.
  • This insistence initiates the playlist’s contents on the right-side.
  • You alternatively also can click on the New Playlist on the bottom-left, and create a new playlist before sharing it.
  1. Tick the three-dots icon attached to the PLAY button. It’s positioned next to the playlist’s image at the top. This will show your choices on a drop-down menu.
  • Otherwise, you can select on right-click on the playlist’s name on the left sidebar.
  1. Select and Choose Collaborative Playlist on the menu. It will instantly turn this playlist into a collaborative playlist.
  • You can share it with other users, and they can freely add or remove songs.
  • You can even undo this following a similar way. Just select the three-dot icon, and click on the checked Collaborative Playlist option. Then check mark will disappear, and other users’ access will be revoked.

    How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify
    How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify
  1. Share your collaborative playlist with other users. Choose the three-dot icon at the top of the playlist, and hover over Share on the menu to see your options.

    How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify
    How to Copy a Playlist in Spotify

Here’s a situation, I have to give a Conclusion

Now that you know how to copy Spotify playlist, every day you have a chance to spend a few moments feeling something better than yesterday. 

Let’s discover and enjoy the music taste of people around you from now on!

How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube

Youtube which is the forerunner in the world of video streaming has 3 unique video features; they are private, unlisted and scheduled videos. Our major purpose in this article is to introduce youtube users to what unlisted videos are and how to find unlisted videos on youtube. We all know that “Public” is the default settings for all Youtube videos; this means anyone can search the video, view the video and even share the video.

How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube

Categories of Youtube Videos

  • Private Videos

Private videos are videos refer to one of the more interesting options provided by youtube, In this option, these videos can only be viewed by people whom the uploader invites. The uploader can only invite a maximum of 50 people to view the video and these invited persons must have an active Google account. This category of videos won’t appear in the uploaders’ search results or in the uploaders youtube channel and also subscribers to the uploaders channel will not receive notifications when a private video is uploaded.

  • Unlisted Videos

Not forgetting the main topic for the day which is unlisted videos and how to find them. The Unlisted videos option lies between the public and private experience. Unlisted Youtube videos can be easily identified by the unlocked padlock icon which is located at the left of the video title. This category gives the option of being able to be seen and shared by anyone who has the video link. Also, those who do not have a Google account will be able to have access to the video as long as they have the link. Unlisted videos will however not come up in search results, the uploaders youtube channel, a subscribers feed, but anyone who has access to the link will have instant access to such a video.

Reasons why users Unlist Videos on Youtube

  1. Celebrities with official accounts might unlist specific videos in order to give subscribers the first view of a new video.
  2. Some youtube users may also unlist videos simply because they think very few people will be interested in viewing the video.

Steps in Locating Unlisted Youtube Videos 

The following steps the problem of finding your unlisted videos on Youtube

Most users find it tricky finding their unlisted videos on their Youtube channel; this tutorial shows you how to do this without the need to commit every unlisted video link to memory

  • Sign in your Google account

    sign in google account
    Sign in Google account
  • Move to you Youtube studios; select your Youtube channel icon, this is located at the upper-right corner of your screen, a drop-down menu will appear, click on “Youtube studios

    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
  • Move to your Youtube dashboard and select “Videos”, from the menu that will appear on the left side of the screen select the option that says “Videos”. A page will appear, on the page all of your videos will be shown and this page is the Youtube Videos Manager. From the Visibility Column, you will be able to access all your videos and view which is set to public, private or unlisted. It is, however, important to note that not all types of videos can be unlisted on Youtube.
    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube

    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube


Conclusively, we hope all questions you might have on how to find unlisted youtube videos have been answered if you have any further questions that require further information please comment below.

How to Save a PDF with Text

In this article we would be looking at how to save a PDF as a text, PDF stands for the acronym which means Portable Document Format. PDF documents are mostly read-only which means they are distributed as Read-only and users can’t write on them. This idea means that PDF documents are primarily meant to be viewed and not edited. There are different software that can be used to create PDF documents.

How to Save a PDF with Text
How to Save a PDF with Text

Uses of PDF documents

  • It is proven that saving a document as PDF generally reduces the cost of printing as it moves the necessity of a hard copy of a document to the end-user.
  • PDFs can be used in place of forms that can be printed and then filled manually, thereby facilitating an organization to get feedback easily.
  • PDFs are also used when the document owner wishes to prevent viewers from unauthorized access and editing of the document.
  • Since PDF documents can be set by the owner to be unaltered, it can, therefore, be tendered in a court of law.
  • PDF can be used to save storage space, as PDFs can be compressed, it has been proven that any electronic document which is converted into a PDF format will be compressed to exactly 25% its original size.

Users of PDFs sometimes might want to retain only the text in a PDF document leaving out the images or fonts. All you need to do is follow these steps. The Adobe reader currently has new versions which make it quite easy to save PDF as text, these can be seen in the current versions known as the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Install the latest version of Adobe Reader

If the current version of Adobe reader is not present on your computer, first you will have to visit the Adobe Reader website to download and install the latest version of the software.

How to Save a PDF with Text
How to Save a PDF with Text

Locate the folder containing the PDF document you wish to convert to text

This will either involve you navigating to the folder containing the document you wish to edit or simply using your PDF reader to access the document. After the document is located double click to open it.

Save the PDF as Text

Click “File” then “Save As Text”, this feature will open the “Save As” dialog box.

After doing this, you will still need to select the folder in which you want your document and also enter the preferred name you want it to be saved as.

You can also select a section of the PDF file if that is the only section of the PDF document you need, this will keep your PDF document unaltered.

This is accomplished by simply using the “Select Tool” in Adobe Reader

  • Simply select “Tools” then “Select & Zoom” then “Select Tool”. 
  • This tool can be dragged over the section of the document you wish to save as Text, the tool will, therefore, copy the text in that section of the document.


We sincerely hope this article has answered any issues you might have had previously with saving a PDF with text, for further information or questions, please comment below. 

How to Turn off Chromecast on Android Devices

Having problems with turning off your Chromecast? No need to panic as this article takes yours through basic steps on how to turn it off from your android device with ease.

How to Turn off Chromecast on Android Devices
How to Turn off Chromecast on Android Devices

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast refers to a unique device that allows you stream content wirelessly from a smaller device like your mobile device, laptop or personal computer to a bigger device like your TV. Cool right? With the introduction of smart TVs, the whole TV experience has been totally changed as, not only can you watch Netflix, youtube and amazon videos. However, these options of streaming may be out of people’s price ranges, for this reason, a lot of people have turned to the chrome cast option for viewing images, videos and browsing on the TV. The chrome cast belongs to a line of streaming dongles released by google and they can be plugged into televisions or generally larger screens through the use of the HDMI port.

The Chromecast serves as a link between your TV and your android device, instead of the traditional TV remote, it connects over Wi-Fi and is then controlled by a smartphone.  Perhaps the most awesome things about Chromecast are that they can be used to display and play both audios, videos and also play games on the TV by just simply using your android device as a controller. It can be used to stream Netflix movies and watch youtube videos hence saving or reducing data usage and not putting a hand user experience. The only known option on how to turn off Chromecast on android devices is by unplugging the device. The most important thing to note is to never turn off your Chromecast. While it is updating as this can result in hardware breaking.

How to Turn off Chromecast Notifications

Another major complaint by Android users on Chromecast was with the network notifications, this meant once your Chromecast device is connected all the devices on that network will be able to connect, this caused users to be able to cast on any Chromecast device on their network. This leads to others messing with what you are currently viewing or listening to. An update was introduced recently and it is in the shape of a switch. This switch enables you to disconnect all network notifications. Following these steps:

  • On your device Open the Google Home app
  • On the top right-hand corner of your device, locate the “Devices” option and select it

    How to Turn off Chromecast on Android Devices
    How to Turn off Chromecast on Android Devices
  • Move through the list of devices to find the device that you desire to stop sending notifications 
  • From the box located under device info, select the switch off option for “Let others control your casted media”

    How to Turn off Chromecast on Android Devices
    How to Turn off Chromecast on Android Devices

This update differs from previous updates as you can now disable all network notifications, unlike in the previous version where you can only turn off notifications on a device-by-device basis. This new update enables you to playback on your device without other devices on the network receiving notifications.


We do hope that this article has been able to resolve any issues you might be having with Chromecast on Android devices, for additional information or questions, please comment below.

How to Make Exponents in Google Docs

Are you a Mathematics Enthusiast or do you just need it to pass a course? Not to worry as this article gives you a basic insight on how to make Exponents in word documents?

How to Make Exponents in Google Docs
How to Make Exponents in Google Docs

What is an Exponent?

An exponent implies the number of times a number which is the base is used as a factor, simply it refers to the number of times the base is multiplied by itself. It always looks like this; 24, 43, 71, 90, etc. In mathematical expressions, exponents could also be referred to as index or power. There are also special exponents, these exponents are considered special since they are used so often, an example such exponents are 22; this means 2-squared, another example is 33; which means 3 cubed.

There are various rules guiding exponents; they include

  • The 0 rule; this rule states that anything or any number raised to the power of zero will always equal 1.
  • The 1 rule; This rule states that anything or any number raised to the power of 1 will be that number itself; i.e 2^1 will remain 2.
  • The Product Rule; This rule explains that when multiplying two or more exponents that have the same base, it is easier to just add the exponents. A typical example is seen in 23*24= 27
  • The Power Rule; In this rule, it is stated that to raise a power to another power, it is advised to simply multiply both powers. Typical example is seen in (65)4= 65*4= 620.

Importance of Exponents

  • Exponents are used in various disciplines such as Engineering, Computer Game, Physics, Economics, Accounting, etc
  • When growth is recorded to be exponential, it has unique applications in biology, finance, demographic studies, etc.
  • Exponential decay of an object or matter is usually Radioactivity, Light, sound, etc

Exponents are used in mathematics as shorthand to save time during calculations and are one of the basic methods of representing multiplication calculations. They are always written to the write of the base number and are always superscripted. 

This article will put you through on how to input exponents in your Google docs with ease, the following steps will outline the routine methods and steps on how to perform this operation.

Using the Superscript Tool

This is used If you’re just looking to add that exponent feel to your document and you are not actually performing any calculation. In this method you just want it to look like “34 ” and you’re not expecting any calculation to be done on what is written. 

This can be achieved by simply first selecting the text you want to be displayed as superscript, then select Format > Text > Superscript or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL +.

How to Make Exponents in Google Docs
How to Make Exponents in Google Docs

Use the special Character Tool

This method can be used if you do not get the first method stated above to work. The special character tool can be used by moving the cursor to Insert> Special Characters> Search “Superscript”.

How to Make Exponents in Google Docs
How to Make Exponents in Google Docs


We hope this article has settled any problems you have concerning how to make exponents in Google Docs, for additional information or any questions, please comment below.