How to Save a PDF with Text

In this article we would be looking at how to save a PDF as a text, PDF stands for the acronym which means Portable Document Format. PDF documents are mostly read-only which means they are distributed as Read-only and users can’t write on them. This idea means that PDF documents are primarily meant to be viewed and not edited. There are different software that can be used to create PDF documents.

How to Save a PDF with Text
How to Save a PDF with Text

Uses of PDF documents

  • It is proven that saving a document as PDF generally reduces the cost of printing as it moves the necessity of a hard copy of a document to the end-user.
  • PDFs can be used in place of forms that can be printed and then filled manually, thereby facilitating an organization to get feedback easily.
  • PDFs are also used when the document owner wishes to prevent viewers from unauthorized access and editing of the document.
  • Since PDF documents can be set by the owner to be unaltered, it can, therefore, be tendered in a court of law.
  • PDF can be used to save storage space, as PDFs can be compressed, it has been proven that any electronic document which is converted into a PDF format will be compressed to exactly 25% its original size.

Users of PDFs sometimes might want to retain only the text in a PDF document leaving out the images or fonts. All you need to do is follow these steps. The Adobe reader currently has new versions which make it quite easy to save PDF as text, these can be seen in the current versions known as the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Install the latest version of Adobe Reader

If the current version of Adobe reader is not present on your computer, first you will have to visit the Adobe Reader website to download and install the latest version of the software.

How to Save a PDF with Text
How to Save a PDF with Text

Locate the folder containing the PDF document you wish to convert to text

This will either involve you navigating to the folder containing the document you wish to edit or simply using your PDF reader to access the document. After the document is located double click to open it.

Save the PDF as Text

Click “File” then “Save As Text”, this feature will open the “Save As” dialog box.

After doing this, you will still need to select the folder in which you want your document and also enter the preferred name you want it to be saved as.

You can also select a section of the PDF file if that is the only section of the PDF document you need, this will keep your PDF document unaltered.

This is accomplished by simply using the “Select Tool” in Adobe Reader

  • Simply select “Tools” then “Select & Zoom” then “Select Tool”. 
  • This tool can be dragged over the section of the document you wish to save as Text, the tool will, therefore, copy the text in that section of the document.


We sincerely hope this article has answered any issues you might have had previously with saving a PDF with text, for further information or questions, please comment below. 

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